Sunday, 17 August 2014

Flying high


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I know I am. The only down side to a great summer is that the hobby time tends to decrease.

I also find that I begin to start lots of projects and have lots at my work desk that just needs finishing off. At which point, typically, more wolves are released and I want them all!!

So painting wise I've been tinkering with an Imperial Guard pilot.

Secret Cargo

The pilot was from a polar auction site win where I bought a job lot and found this guy headless and armless. So I set about using a scout bolt pistol and a random guardsman head to build him back up.

Sections of the pilot
Overall I'm pleased with the paint job, 

greatcoat and armour contrast brilliantly and I like the vials or data cards that he is transporting.

 Here he is with some of his buddies!

Till next time. It has been a pleasure writing this blogpost whilst watching Ironman 3 :D

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tough Mudder


So this time last week I was bloodied, battered and tired. But I completed it.

If anyone was unsure as to what a tough mudder is then check this out.....

And we supported 'Help for Heroes'

and here is my headband as a reward :D

Till next time where it will be back to the painting!