Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dark Angels Veteran Squad Update


I managed to complete the shoulder pads for the Dark Angels Veterans on Sunday. Not a vast amount of painting but it finished them off
The first three

The rest of the Squad
 I was really taken with the vibrant highlighting and that started my mind thinking that all of my models from before I started using this technique would benefit from a little edge TLC. So I promptly went and assembled one of my Christmas 'wish list' gifts! A Grey Knights squad was assembled before it was time to watch Sherlock.

The whole idea of edge highlighting some of my existing models really took hold once I messed around   with this Chaos guy. I think he was from the old Hero Quest game.

The next project on the list is to finish off the Blood Claw squad that I started back in 1993. Im looking forward to completing them and seeing the results!

Oh I've also added a few more bits to the blog and adjusted the widths of columns so it doesn't look so clunky!

Be back soon.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dark Angels to see in the New Year


New Year brings fresh impetus to the painting that began just before Christmas. After a couple of Sundays the Dark Angels Veterans now have more paint on them.

This is heavy!
 I took lots of 'in progress' shots during the painting and decided to follow the paint scheme featured in the 'Paint Splatter' section of WD from January 2013. I found the method for painting the cloth left the miniatures looking quite dark so added some ushabti bone highlights


The highlighting with moot green really stands out against the dark tones of the green and adds a good contrast to the cloth

The whole veteran squad
The whole squad with their basing still drying, I thought that a lighter base would help to show off the darker colours in the squad. Pleasingly there were only two guys without helmets to test my skin painting skills. The squad is shoulder pad less as I wanted to add them at the end.

Squad in action with the helmet bearer!
Still lacking shoulder pads but hopefully I should complete them tomorrow! Oh and I forgot to mention I've added a new blog header!

Be back soon.