Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dark Angels Veteran Squad Update


I managed to complete the shoulder pads for the Dark Angels Veterans on Sunday. Not a vast amount of painting but it finished them off
The first three

The rest of the Squad
 I was really taken with the vibrant highlighting and that started my mind thinking that all of my models from before I started using this technique would benefit from a little edge TLC. So I promptly went and assembled one of my Christmas 'wish list' gifts! A Grey Knights squad was assembled before it was time to watch Sherlock.

The whole idea of edge highlighting some of my existing models really took hold once I messed around   with this Chaos guy. I think he was from the old Hero Quest game.

The next project on the list is to finish off the Blood Claw squad that I started back in 1993. Im looking forward to completing them and seeing the results!

Oh I've also added a few more bits to the blog and adjusted the widths of columns so it doesn't look so clunky!

Be back soon.

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