Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoons


So it's been a few weeks since the first post and I've finally got around to a second post.

A bit more background; I have been painting for the second time around since March 2012 and after finding a host of my old miniatures and paints began to trawl the internet to find out what was new.
I had a host of Space Wolves and some random marines that had made it out of storage so i began to try  to develop a style of painting i could call my own. One thing that immediately made a massive difference was the availability of washes. I'll follow up on more of the past in later posts.

Some of the things that have caught my eye has been the Death Guard colour scheme and a lot of the Horus Heresy stuff that is happening at the moment. So much so that i decided to try to paint
some Chaos Space Marines in the paint style.

Death Guard Chaos Space Marines

Here are the finished marines, I had fun trying some new techniques hopefully they look like servants of Nurgle. 

As I mentioned i really like the colour scheme so I'm thinking that my new Forgeworld Apothecaries would look good in that style and I may have been influenced by this post

On another exciting note I had this arrive this week:
Citadel Rogue Trader Space Marine Tech Techmarine Wrench C.1988

I'm now contemplating the colour scheme to paint him, along with a host of other stuff on the 'to do' list. Instead of painting though, I'm having a lazy Sunday afternoon!