Wednesday, 30 April 2014

They came from the Warp !


So in the last post I was a bit lost in a blizzard of Wolves. I needed something else to re-ignite the painting fire, so I did what any painter worth their salt would do. I sold my soul to Chaos!

At the back end of last year I bought some Chaos Warp Talons / Raptors along with the Dark Angels I've previously painted. Its taken me this long to get around to painting them.

I think its a good thing that I've waited as I really enjoyed the challenge of painting them. Before I began painting them I did a bit of background research of the Warp Talons. I noted that most gamers find them a bit useless, but as I'm not a gamer I'm not too bothered about that. The background mentioned that they had ornate power armour and could stalk their prey through the veil of reality, so I figured that they really needed to be Night Lords. Here is the result.

Got Claws!
I used the paint scheme as described in WD Oct '12 using Kantor Blue as a base coat. Then a wash with Nuln oil, followed by a coat of Kantor Blue. Then Alaitoc blue and Lothern Blue to highlight.

A view from all sides

Once I had finished off this guy, I caught the bug and batch painted another two of the squad.

Squad Champion

Those claws would hurt

I used some of the edge highlighting techniques I've been polishing and a good solid yellow technique on the butchered marine helmet.

The Talons were painted with a base coat of Memphiston Red then washed with Devlan Mud (an old pot). Final feathered highlights were with Troll Slayer Orange and Flash Gitz Yellow.

I also liked the sound of the Night Lords having skulls on their helms. So that the last thing you would see is a skull and a fury of Talons. That would introduce the fear factor in any opponent!

The champion is painted with a very pale pallor, having been a child of a world that was held in darkness.

Out of the Warp!
Finally here are the three in action, once I've got the other two completed I'll pop a completed squad post up.

Till next time.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Rocket Fang!


Hope everyone has had a great Easter!

With some time off from work the last Fang in the squad has been completed. I was a little bit nervous about painting him as I couldn't get overly excited about getting some paint down on him. Its kinda funny trying to explain it, maybe it was because I had to paint him from the plastic that the nervousness and general feeling of it being a chore kicked in, who knows. I have to say though once I had the base coats of paint down I could imagine picking out the details and that spurred me on. 

Here he is taking aim
Erm............ I'd duck if i were you!

Its funny but just today whilst catching up on blogs that I stalk follow, I heard a similar tale from Karitas over at Excommunicate Tratioris and then I thought about it and think that I am suffering from a Wolf burn out too. Don't get me wrong I love the models when they are painted, but with the Wolves it feels like there is an endless queue at the moment. 

Here is the now customary 360 view.

Kneel, Aim, Fire!

Anyway not all doom and gloom. I took some advice from a fellow blogger and experimented with some different techniques on the backpack. I thinned the paints and went for multiple layers of Russ Grey to try and achieve a smoother finish. The outcome was pretty good. 

The main aim of finishing the Fang off was to complete the squad of five, so with Rocket Fang complete I had to get the rest of the squad out for a photoshoot!

And smile for the camera

In a line

So taking stock I think a change of colour is needed to reignite the painting fire, I'll come back to the Wolves at some point as there are still a few to go, but I'm happy with the painting progress thats been made in the first six months of the blog. thinking back to why I began with the blog it was to improve the quality of the finished miniatures and looking at the line up I think that its going in the right direction.

Oh and apologies for the Elton John inspired title, bet thats stuck in your head now!

Till next time!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Heavy Plasma Incoming!


Ive had a bit of time to complete the Heavy Plasma Fang. So I'm showing him off in all his glory! I quite enjoy creating the 'plasma' part and also the contrast with the cables that lead from the cannon itself to the backpack.

This is heavy!

I always find myself thinking that the painting doesn't look OK right up until the last moment, but I'm quite pleased with this guy and think he looks good in the line up with the rest of his Fang mates.

360 degrees of hot plasma

 Throughout the course of the last 3 months I've read and looked at a number of different styles of painting from the almost cartoonish to the grim and dark. Ive also been interested to see how other painters and bloggers go about their painting/collecting. I have seen lots of things that I like and want to try. In the background I have been stalking a popular auction site and acquiring a few goodies here and there. These goodies (and the collection sitting to be painted) offer me the prime opportunity so I'm excited to be beginning to try new things.

I have also looked at some feedback on the blog and am contemplating some changes, hopefully for the better, these should be visible in the next few weeks.

Anyway enough of the random musings and back to the Plasma Fang.

Here he is lined up with some of his Wolf Brothers!

The Firing Line

Till next time.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Covering Fire!

Howdy, this week has flown over and the hobby hasn't seen much love. I have completed this guy, ready to lay down some covering fire and blow something up!
Ive tried to make the pose fairly dynamic and used various bits from the battle box set and the devastator box to make him 'wolf' enough.

Take aim!
The now compulsory composure shot shows off the Long Fang in all his glory. I particularly like the right shoulderpad showing off the pack marking.

Looking for a target!

Im feeling like I've settled into a painting style and hopefully showing some signs of improvement. Ive made some progress with the Great Wolf so I should be able to show him off next week.

Till next time.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


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