Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Heavy Plasma Incoming!


Ive had a bit of time to complete the Heavy Plasma Fang. So I'm showing him off in all his glory! I quite enjoy creating the 'plasma' part and also the contrast with the cables that lead from the cannon itself to the backpack.

This is heavy!

I always find myself thinking that the painting doesn't look OK right up until the last moment, but I'm quite pleased with this guy and think he looks good in the line up with the rest of his Fang mates.

360 degrees of hot plasma

 Throughout the course of the last 3 months I've read and looked at a number of different styles of painting from the almost cartoonish to the grim and dark. Ive also been interested to see how other painters and bloggers go about their painting/collecting. I have seen lots of things that I like and want to try. In the background I have been stalking a popular auction site and acquiring a few goodies here and there. These goodies (and the collection sitting to be painted) offer me the prime opportunity so I'm excited to be beginning to try new things.

I have also looked at some feedback on the blog and am contemplating some changes, hopefully for the better, these should be visible in the next few weeks.

Anyway enough of the random musings and back to the Plasma Fang.

Here he is lined up with some of his Wolf Brothers!

The Firing Line

Till next time.

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