Wednesday, 30 April 2014

They came from the Warp !


So in the last post I was a bit lost in a blizzard of Wolves. I needed something else to re-ignite the painting fire, so I did what any painter worth their salt would do. I sold my soul to Chaos!

At the back end of last year I bought some Chaos Warp Talons / Raptors along with the Dark Angels I've previously painted. Its taken me this long to get around to painting them.

I think its a good thing that I've waited as I really enjoyed the challenge of painting them. Before I began painting them I did a bit of background research of the Warp Talons. I noted that most gamers find them a bit useless, but as I'm not a gamer I'm not too bothered about that. The background mentioned that they had ornate power armour and could stalk their prey through the veil of reality, so I figured that they really needed to be Night Lords. Here is the result.

Got Claws!
I used the paint scheme as described in WD Oct '12 using Kantor Blue as a base coat. Then a wash with Nuln oil, followed by a coat of Kantor Blue. Then Alaitoc blue and Lothern Blue to highlight.

A view from all sides

Once I had finished off this guy, I caught the bug and batch painted another two of the squad.

Squad Champion

Those claws would hurt

I used some of the edge highlighting techniques I've been polishing and a good solid yellow technique on the butchered marine helmet.

The Talons were painted with a base coat of Memphiston Red then washed with Devlan Mud (an old pot). Final feathered highlights were with Troll Slayer Orange and Flash Gitz Yellow.

I also liked the sound of the Night Lords having skulls on their helms. So that the last thing you would see is a skull and a fury of Talons. That would introduce the fear factor in any opponent!

The champion is painted with a very pale pallor, having been a child of a world that was held in darkness.

Out of the Warp!
Finally here are the three in action, once I've got the other two completed I'll pop a completed squad post up.

Till next time.

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