Monday, 31 March 2014

Flame On!


The pack of Long Fangs is growing! Next up is a 'Fang' with a Multi melter. This guy has been finished off with the same edge highlighting as the previous guys. The only tricky part was the head which I'm still not convinced at my skill level with heads.

Its getting hot in here
A composure shot shows off all his best features.
Its a big gun from all angles

 More Fangs are on the table ready to be finished off. Im also working on this guy below. Her Indoors took the picture with her camera, I'm wondering if the shot shows off the miniature better than the usual camera phone pictures?

Great Wolf

Till next time.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Long Fang Complete


Another update with a completed miniature! This time its one of a band of Long Fangs.
Got you in my sights
I love the massive Las Cannon, its a truly BFG, and the fire and move pose. Even though I'm not a gamer I am still going for some kind of army structure with the Wolves. Hopefully I will have enough for an Army on Parade soon!

Check out my BFG from all angles
This guy has been put together with bits from the Battleforce box set and the Devastator box set, with a little bit of reclaimed slate from a fallen roof tile from the last storm we had here in the UK!

Still another 3 Long Fangs on the WIP pile. 

Till next time.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wolf Guard Complete


Another completed Wolf Guard, again from the Battleforce box. I'm gradually working my way through the miniatures that I've got 'half painted'. I think I'm settling into a style that I'm comfortable with. Here he is in all his glory.

Wolf Guard
Again I've looked at picking out some of the detail on the model and edge highlighting. I've also taken to showing off a few pictures with an app called 'composure'. It allows you to create some neat little montages like the one below
When I got back into the hobby again I really disliked painting backpacks, it got to the stage where I would rather paint another model than finish the backpack. It was only really when I saw how much the backpack could add to the model that I began to 'enjoy' painting them.

Here is the back of the model to show off the backpack.

Backpack view
Next up is a small squad of Long Fangs. Eventually I will get around to painting the remaining members of the Grey Hunters and the remaining Wolf Guard. I also need to stop buying cool miniatures from a popular internet auction site, they are starting to mount up!

Till next time.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Grey Hunter Complete

Another quick update on a finished model. More Grey Hunter love this time. Finished this guy off over the weekend and have popped him into a nice photo composing app to show him off.

A Seasoned Hunter
He is one of the battleforce marines I put together a while ago. I placed the emphasis on highlighting and picking out the details that I'd previously base coated.

Here he is with one of his Wolf Brothers. Her Indoors has taken a liking to him and named him Montgomery (She is a big fan of beards!)

Guns and Swords

Ive got a little production line of wolves waiting to be finished off with details and edge highlights. Im finding that overall the finishing off takes around 2 -3 hours.

Anyway be back soon!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Old Guard


Just a quick post to showcase another completed Wolf Guard. He's the guy from my avatar and I love the pose, the idea of him swinging that axe makes him look like he's a mean chap!

Wolf Guard with Axe from all angles
Once again I finished off the detailing. I liked the gritty look of the shoulder pads so I left them untouched.
You shoot 'em then I'll chop 'em
To finish off here are the two completed Wolf guard posing.

Be back soon.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hunters and Guards


Its been a successful week! Firstly 'Hello' to my new followers. 

Ive been ploughing on with 'finishing off' the models that I've already painted, adding more to the detail and edge highlighting them whee they need it. First up I finished off the Wolf Guard Terminator Sergeant. He's from the old school metal box set and now finishes that squad. Most of the back of the model is the wolf pelt that he's carrying!

Bad Wolf
Next I looked at some of the guys I put together from the Space Wolf Battleforce, this was my first purchase when I got back into the hobby. The detail on the models is great it was a total difference from the old school lead i was used to. The guys I assembled were Grey Hunters, the only squad I was missing from the first time around.

Caught me a skull

Got plasma!

Running with the wolves

I enjoyed picking out the detail on the models, al the skulls, teeth, runes and pelts make for a great canvas.

After the Grey Hunters I finished off with an old lead Wolf Guard, I love the pose of this model and hope my paint job has done it justice.


Ive still got more guys lined up to work on next week! Till next time.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Living on the edge


So readily refreshed from bringing the Blood Claws up to date I decided take the brush to some of the other miniatures that were only 'half painted'. First up were two Ultramarines. The medic on the right was the first miniature I ever bought, so I had a fairly nostalgic time finishing him off. Edge highlighting and layering on the metallic parts finish them off well. The snow basing helps to make the blue armour stand out.
Lots of edging and metalwork

From the Ultramarines the next step was to look at some Wolf Guard Terminators, the first of these was a metal lightning claw Terminator. I love the pose of this guy, he looks like he is stomping and ready to claw the life out of something.


From the lightning claw Terminator, next up came most of the old Wolf Guard Terminator box set. Bolters, Chainfists, Flamers and another BFG later and lots of fine detail work with edge highlighting meant I now have the makings of a squad that are visually much better.


Look into my eyes

Looking down the barrel

Next up is the squad Sergeant, then after that a whole host of other stuff is gradually building up. Problem is I'm now buying things faster than I can paint, anyway till next time.