Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hunters and Guards


Its been a successful week! Firstly 'Hello' to my new followers. 

Ive been ploughing on with 'finishing off' the models that I've already painted, adding more to the detail and edge highlighting them whee they need it. First up I finished off the Wolf Guard Terminator Sergeant. He's from the old school metal box set and now finishes that squad. Most of the back of the model is the wolf pelt that he's carrying!

Bad Wolf
Next I looked at some of the guys I put together from the Space Wolf Battleforce, this was my first purchase when I got back into the hobby. The detail on the models is great it was a total difference from the old school lead i was used to. The guys I assembled were Grey Hunters, the only squad I was missing from the first time around.

Caught me a skull

Got plasma!

Running with the wolves

I enjoyed picking out the detail on the models, al the skulls, teeth, runes and pelts make for a great canvas.

After the Grey Hunters I finished off with an old lead Wolf Guard, I love the pose of this model and hope my paint job has done it justice.


Ive still got more guys lined up to work on next week! Till next time.

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