Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Living on the edge


So readily refreshed from bringing the Blood Claws up to date I decided take the brush to some of the other miniatures that were only 'half painted'. First up were two Ultramarines. The medic on the right was the first miniature I ever bought, so I had a fairly nostalgic time finishing him off. Edge highlighting and layering on the metallic parts finish them off well. The snow basing helps to make the blue armour stand out.
Lots of edging and metalwork

From the Ultramarines the next step was to look at some Wolf Guard Terminators, the first of these was a metal lightning claw Terminator. I love the pose of this guy, he looks like he is stomping and ready to claw the life out of something.


From the lightning claw Terminator, next up came most of the old Wolf Guard Terminator box set. Bolters, Chainfists, Flamers and another BFG later and lots of fine detail work with edge highlighting meant I now have the makings of a squad that are visually much better.


Look into my eyes

Looking down the barrel

Next up is the squad Sergeant, then after that a whole host of other stuff is gradually building up. Problem is I'm now buying things faster than I can paint, anyway till next time.

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