Monday, 24 February 2014

Ready for the hunt


Finally managed to finish off the two remaining Blood Claws. Meaning that the squad is now complete.  I enjoyed mixing the old metal miniatures with some of the newer plastic arms from the Space Wolves battle force box.

Ive been reading a few blogs lately where the virtues of the latest GW stuff have been praised highly, but i feel that the older models still have a lot of character in them.

Anyway some images to show the progress.

Eyes right
The last Claw

Here are some group shots! Remembering saving up my pocket money to buy these guys way back made me feel proud to finally complete them
Got any guns or knives?


Finally a group shot to see them in all their glory!

The Blood Claws

So whats up next?  Well I've got lots to choose from...... till next time.

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  1. I definitely feel the same about the old v new models! The latest Tacticals box is wonderful to work with, clean lines, no flash and crisp details begging for a coat of paint. The old metals, well maybe its just nostalgia speaking but they do have a lot more character even if they are less dynamic. I have actually been collecting a few of the old sculpts in *gasp* finecast as I love the poses so much.