Sunday, 22 December 2013

Work in progress


Been a while since the last post and I've been busy with the fists. Ive followed up the last trial run with a squad of three marines. All in all they took about three weeks to pull together what with the festive period and work stooof. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how they have come out, but feel that the yellow colour is really difficult to keep consistent.

The boys in yellow
 They got to meet up with their Captain. as mentioned in the last post these guys are all from the old Space Crusade game. They were all I had left from the original game I had when I was much younger which made me a bit sad when you see how much the game is listed for on popular auction sites!
That is one huge hand!
I had to green stuff the bolters onto the marines and the modelling is a bit patchy on the wrists where they connect to the bolters.

Before starting the blog I acquired a Dark Angels acolyte and painted him. Since then I've bought a Dark Angels veteran squad that have been getting some love this weekend.

Veteran Squad work in progress
As I mentioned at some point I'm a massive Space Wolves fan and I've not posted many of my wolf pack. Here are some scouts I finished off in September, with a Wolf Guard.

On the hunt

Ive also mentioned I dont just stick to Wolves or marines so here are some guys from the summer of 2013

Some Orcs including one with a modified arm, formally from an Imperial guard Sentinal box set.

Finally to round off for 2013 some Tau

For the greater good!

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!

Monday, 2 December 2013

A bit of variety

Howdy, thought I'd better note down an update as its been a couple of weeks since the last post. Since then despite many distractions (see a whole weekend disappear because some bloke in a blue box has a birthday!) I have managed to get some painting done.

First up I managed to complete the marine with the BFG on the right. I had this guy back in the day so after detoling the old paint off him I set about painting him in the Ultramarine colour scheme. I enjoyed giving him a pop of colour with the fuel canister. 

Ultramarines in Tardis blue
Next up came the guy on the left, I attached a new head and set about painting him too. I did catch myself wondering how some people complete lots of projects and miniatures really quickly as the whole painting process took over 12 hours. Maybe i'm just slow.

On a completely different colour tangent I decided to have a go at an Imperial Fist scheme.

I've got me a fightin' hand!
This guy was a leftover from the old Space Crusade game and i figured he would be a good test model for the colour scheme. I must admit i found painting yellow to be hard, but the whole point is to try to improve. I have 3 more 'left-over' marines from the game so I think they will be yellow too.

On the blue team
I thought i'd finish off with a group shot of the Ultramarines, I have based them on snow to make the blue really stand out.

Im off to read my first comment, i did get ridiculously excited…...