Monday, 2 December 2013

A bit of variety

Howdy, thought I'd better note down an update as its been a couple of weeks since the last post. Since then despite many distractions (see a whole weekend disappear because some bloke in a blue box has a birthday!) I have managed to get some painting done.

First up I managed to complete the marine with the BFG on the right. I had this guy back in the day so after detoling the old paint off him I set about painting him in the Ultramarine colour scheme. I enjoyed giving him a pop of colour with the fuel canister. 

Ultramarines in Tardis blue
Next up came the guy on the left, I attached a new head and set about painting him too. I did catch myself wondering how some people complete lots of projects and miniatures really quickly as the whole painting process took over 12 hours. Maybe i'm just slow.

On a completely different colour tangent I decided to have a go at an Imperial Fist scheme.

I've got me a fightin' hand!
This guy was a leftover from the old Space Crusade game and i figured he would be a good test model for the colour scheme. I must admit i found painting yellow to be hard, but the whole point is to try to improve. I have 3 more 'left-over' marines from the game so I think they will be yellow too.

On the blue team
I thought i'd finish off with a group shot of the Ultramarines, I have based them on snow to make the blue really stand out.

Im off to read my first comment, i did get ridiculously excited…...


  1. Really nice to see some of this old lead getting some love.. man, I nostalgia'd then :)

    And no, 12 hours isnt a long time - for me. but I know it would be for some... it's a balance, as long as you are happy with the diagram that encompasses Time Spent, charted against Results, it doesn't matter :)

  2. I quite enjoy painting the older models, I've got a few that I've still yet to paint. Thanks for the encouragement :D

    1. My opinion is the olde single cast models are the best. Please keep it up.