Monday, 10 February 2014

Ive Started ……So I'll Finish!


Its been a while since a post, but what with work and life stuff getting in the way blogging has had to wait. I have been productive none the less!

As I mentioned previously I had an old Blood Claws squad of the metal variety that I began painting when I was much younger. I had dabbled a bit with them after getting a Space Wolves Battle Force, around about the time when I got back into the hobby. They had however remained unloved since then. 

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy!
The first four were in the worst condition, with a mixture of old and new arms and weaponry they look very rag tag!

The three musketeers!

The second lot had a bit more paint on them but still weren't where i wanted them to be. Even the stand out Sergeant felt a bit amateur.

Nice hammer Bob!

The final group was made up of the three Claws that had seen most of the paint action, but were still a bit flimsy in terms of highlighting. Bob the central Claw is famous around these parts with 'Her in Doors' having a bit of a crush on him! Must be that big Hammer!

So began the process of painting a batch of 10 guys in various states of disrepair. I must confess at this point there are still two to go, they will get completed by next week and they are the guys in need of the most work! I paid particular attention to the edge highlighting of everything, completely inspired by the Chaos Knight from Hero Quest in the last post.

Paint Jobs Anyone?
 Here is the first half of the squad, Bob's Hammer conceals the Sergeant nicely!

I did feel the need for some change at this point and put together some Wolf Guard Terminators from a host of leftover bits and some purchased bodies.

I'll Cut Ya!
Getting back to the Claws, here is one final shot of a couple more guys completed. Hopefully next post I'll have a full squad on show. I heard that that there is a Storm Eagle that needs filling up!

Nearly a full complement
Be Back Soon!

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