Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The First Post


This is the first post in what I'm hoping will be a regular thing. I'd like this to be a record of a hobby that started in the early 1990's and then after a long break began again in 2012. From time to time I'll also stick stuff of general interest to me here too.

So whats the hobby? Well its miniature painting, specifically Warhammer 40,000. To be honest I am not interested in the gaming side, just the painting and modelling. Here are a few images of what i've been upto so far.
 Imperial Guard


More to follow soon.........


  1. Please don't take this as an insult. I Absolutely love your heavy dry-brushing. My opinion so much dry-brushing is too soft. There's no character in it.

  2. Don't worry I'm not easily offended. Im not sure if its the pictures but to be honest there is only minimal dry brushing on the IG cloth uniform. The rest is all edge highlights. I agree with you though, too much dry brushing is the easy way out. Hopefully some of the newer posts show off my attempts at edge highlighting in a better image, or maybe I need to work on my photography.