Saturday, 14 June 2014

Yellow Fever

Howdy, bit of a belated post this week, but there has been lots going on so not a great deal of time to sit and paint. And its been quite hot in the UK again this week. And the World Cup has started. I must admit I do like football (soccer) but the one thing that bugs me is the tedious link that every TV or radio advert now has with the sport. It was a bit of a running joke in our family that we would get a new TV set just for the World Cup but now its absolutely everything!! I even heard an advert on the radio for a loan company basically telling you to get a loan so you can sit on your World Cup sofa, drink your World Cup endorsed beer and watch the football on your new TV. Incredible.

Anyway rant over.

Here is the latest finished miniature. Its an old school metal cyclone terminator. I ventured back into the realms of yellow and painted him up as an Imperial Fist. I like the look of this model, I know the old metal figures are a bit stiffly posed but they are addictive!

All sides are shown in the composure shot, I attempted (in the loosest sense) some scorching on the missile launcher vent ports. All other details were completed in pretty standard colours. I enjoyed painting the targeter and tried to showcase some of the unloved colours from my paint collection. I finished him off with an Imperial Fist transfer on his right shoulder pad.

 Ive also looked around and found a range of backgrounds to help with the photography side of the hobby. I figure its a bit pointless spending hours painting them if I'm not expending enough effort in photographing them. I think the grey marble effect works really well with the yellow, it also looks a bit 'moonscapey'

Finally here is a group shot with the Fists I painted from the old Space Crusade game.

Hopefully I'll get a bit more painting done over the course of the World Cup, after all I have my new World Cup paint brush to use!

Till next time


  1. That's a great yellow - very well done!

  2. Grrrr yellow! That's a tough one to pull off, you did it though!

    1. Cheers Zab, bizarrely I don't mind painting yellow. Its black and white I find really difficult.