Friday, 5 September 2014

More Wolves


It's been a bit slow going with blogging lately but that doesn't mean to say I haven't been getting some hobby hours in here and there.

With the release of the new Wolf models I've headed back to some of my old favourites and decided to paint what I have Wolf wise before spending some hard earned cash on some more of the little plastic buggers.

Melts in your mouth not in your hand!

This is the latest Grey Hunter I have finished off. Pretty standard paint out, putting a bit of emphasis on the muzzle of his Multi Melta. I'm a fan of keeping the weaponry quite subdued, its a weapon after all it doesn't need loads of bright colours drawing the attention away from the main body of the model.

Highlighted selection of a Hunter
Ive used my now trusty 'composure' picture to show off some of the detail in the model, one of the worst bits about painting this guy was 'losing' my squig orange paint. As i use this in the scheme for highlighting the reds I had to make do with fire dragon bright. When I was painting I noted down the scheme I used. As it had been a while since I had painted any Wolves I wanted to make sure I didn't want to make that mistake again. 

Ive also spent some time getting into Instagram and seeing what people are up to using that platform of social media. Ive lost hours just looking at pretty pictures, and some not so pretty ones too. 

If you're interested you can follow me at Themaninahat10

Here is the kind of thing I'm posting.....


I must also congratulate one of my fellow bloggers Henry at Four go to War! for being included in this months Warhammer Visions Blanchitsu section. Well done Fella!

I've also been trying to take some better photographs of my existing Wolves and thought I'd showcase a couple of the better ones!

Go Team!

Hunters Ready!

I also tried really hard not to use 'Ready for the Hunt' as a post title!

Till next time. 


  1. Very nice! That's a beautiful looking unit - awesome work!

    1. Thanks Mord! I'm always trying to improve my photography as I guess most people will testify they always look better in real life!