Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gone Rogue

A bit of a belated post. I usually try to get sorted out and blog on a Sunday but I got a bit wrapped up catching up with an old friend and then had a lazy Monday.

After Logan was completed I was wondering what to do next. It's not like I haven't got lots to choose from, what from auction buys to little things I've picked up here and there I've probably got a line of at least 50 miniatures waiting to have some paint splashed on then. Its true what people say it gets addictive!

I looked to the past for inspiration and began to play around with some old school Rogue Trader marines. I can remember getting the box set of these guys and painting them up as Ultramarines. I even recall playing a 40K game with some mates, we had Orks on one side and the might of the Emperor on another. The only problem was we were set up on a table about 6 foot apart and played for about 2 hours before the first shot in anger! I think that was where my gaming career began and ended!

Anyway here is what I came up with......

Old School

First up I stuck with Wolves, a relatively quick and easy paint later he was completed.

Next up I experimented with some red and a Blood Angels Trooper, I followed the GW scheme and was pleasantly surprised with the results, I think the glaze make a difference, giving a richness to the red. Overall I really like this guy, I even freehanded his blood drop on the shoulder pad.

Last up came a tribute to the army I had when I was around 14, an Ultramarine with a rocket launcher. The launcher itself was a bit battered but it added to the old school feel. again the rich glaze adds to the model.

Finally a group shot to round off. Ive enjoyed my revisit to the past and still have around 12 of these guys still left to paint, I'm tempted to paint individuals in all the chapter colours as a bit of an old school tribute. I have been reading a few blog posts with old school lead and Rogue trader stuff recently and I'm really taken with it. One to note is Danny K's blog Hand of Junk where he is doing some really cool stuff with Combat Cards. Everyone must remember those!


I do need to get some better backgrounds for photographing so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment!

Oh and I've also learnt how to spell rogue correctly!

'Till next time

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